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5 Top Tried and Tested Cleaning Tips

From Simply Housework

  1. The best tip we can give you is always start at the top of the room and clean your way down. Ceiling first, vacuuming last in a swirl effect around the room.

  2. To buff chrome up a treat put a tiny squirt of WD40 on a lint free cloth and buff. We're telling you, it will be like new.

  3. Tumble dryer sheets are wonderful things. Put them behind radiators to keep your place smelling sweet, between sheets to keep the the 'just washed' scent. You can even use them to clean your TV screen and repel dust.

  4. Removing a well stuck, sticky label can be a pain BUT simply blow the label with a hairdryer for a few moments before peeling to make it whole lot easier. Also, dabbing a drop on vinegar on the label works a treat too.

  5. Pick up pet hair by putting on wet rubber gloves and rub the surface. Simple but very effective.

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